Fox airs OJ Simpson's 'hypothetical confession'


The pair were murdered at Brown's home on 12 June 1994.

Simpson was acquitted of the double murder in 1994 in one of the highest profile trials in US history.

Simpson, 70, was released from prison in November 2017 after serving nine years for an unrelated botched robbery in Las Vegas.

Regan was due to publish Simpson's book If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer in 2007 but it was dropped along with the TV interview after outrage from the victim's families and Regan was sacked.

According to Simpson's scenario, he and Charlie went to Brown's home and confronted her and Goldman. Fred Goldman eventually seized the manuscript in enforcing the multi-million-dollar wrongful death judgment on Simpson and published it as OJ's confession, with the word "If" made very small in comparison to the rest of the title, "I Did It".

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"In the six minutes in which he talks about the murders, he describes being on the scene with a friend named Charlie - whom the panel believes was just a voice inside his head". "When she asks him about the bloody clothes, he says 'I do remember that".

"I got angry at Ron, presumably thinking he was there on a date with Nicole and started screaming at him".

On Sunday, Lavergne claimed Regan was leading Simpson through the interview to push book sales. Simpson: "The Lost Confession?" to polarizing reviews.

"I went to her house and I read her the riot act", he said.

"I felt that if there was anything right with the universe, there's no way they can convict me of this", he tells Regan. And that was the way it was portrayed to me. Everyone involved had concerns about Simpson exploiting the murders to reinflate his celebrity value, or at least to make that attempt, and accused Fox and Regan of exploiting the murders for profit and ratings.

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"Regan asks him: "So your kids were in the house" (at the time of the murder)". "Mr. Simpson went along because because quite frankly he got a lot of money up front to go along with this", LaVergne said. "It was hard for me to accept that people would believe that". "Can you look through it?'" Wrong said. Simpson details a "hypothetical" explanation for the killings.

If it wasn't for the family dog attracting the attention of a neighbour they would have been the ones to discover their mother's butchered body.

In the 2016 documentary OJ: Made In America, his friend Mike Gilbert claimed he confessed to the crime while they drank beer and smoked drugs. Then, Simpson said, he blacked out.

"Not to my knowledge, of course if something like this would take place in anybody's life, if it were to happen, I would imagine it's something you would probably have trouble wrapping your mind around it - it was terrible".

Giving domestic violence expert Rita Smith the opportunity to discuss the dynamics of an abusive relationship - "Subtle and not-so-subtle forms of violence are used [by abusers] to keep control over their victim", she says of the 1984 baseball incident - is time well spent, but that's one sound bite.

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