'Last Jedi' Digital Download Has a Cool Hidden Bonus Feature!


But we digress. As for Johnson's comment, it's sure to break the hearts of shippers everywhere, as they slump back into the dark corners of the web to find fanfic that will fulfill all their desires. Johnson took the stage to talk about his journey to Star Wars at a featured session - which featured a guest appearance from Mark Hamill.

The idea behind the music-only version, he added, was to offer viewers a present-day experience akin to that of watching a silent movie, relying exclusively on music to evocatively reinforce The Last Jedi's lavish visual feast. Johnson himself chimed in to say that he was very thankful for Hamill's dedication to the story, and that it is healthy to have dialogue between directors and actors.

Redeemed Vader-I'm not sure how you "redeem" (much less re-hire) a guy who literally and personally murdered hundreds of children, but I guess Free Radical was at least ready to try.

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For Fisher, that meant a lot of discussion about the specifics of scenes and the spirit of Leia. "She loved one-liners, she loved jokes", he said, remembering the late actress. But Johnson was setting out to address the feelings of disillusionment and losing one's sense of place in the world that come with being middle-aged and older. Fans who want to get their hands on the music-only version must sign up for the Movies Anywhere app, the Disney-backed digital movie aggregator. It was revealed that Fisher slapped Isaac 24 times to get the ideal take.

He continued: 'It was hard for her to watch herself onscreen.

"Since filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Kerry, Mark has been a great ambassador for Ireland and it is wonderful to have someone of such universal - even galactic - acclaim in this new honorary role. I care.", he said "I'm sorry to have expressed my misgivings (before we had finished the film)". "There's always going to be that disconnect when you see yourself onscreen".

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Mark playfully told the site: 'This is just a cameo at the end. "Kinda a pain I know, but I think it's worth it to get this version", Johnson added on Twitter.

In case this year's Dublin St. Patrick's Day didn't seem epic enough, given that Game of Thrones star Liam Cunningham will be leading the parade, we're also getting a Jedi Knight. "If it weren't for the public, I'd be nowhere". Oz replies back telling Hamill that he's still "beautiful". Hamill replied, "He's always right". He makes it clear that he's a fan first and filmmaker second.

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