Shadow of the Tomb Raider release date and trailer have (probably) leaked


Alicia Vikander, 29, has stepped into some very big shoes as the role of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. Thanks to one key difference, Vikander's Lara becomes much more relatable than her video game counterpart, even for what is at base an action-adventure romp.

Second, her first comic book was the top-selling comic book of 1998, due to sales at non-traditional places like Tower Records (Yes, that long ago). Some were left feeling majorly bummed out with Rise of the Tomb Raider's story, and fan favorite Sam's absence most certainly didn't help with that matter.

She's set to star in a widely-anticipated reboot of a classic action film.

The Tomb Raider movie will open nationwide this Friday and is already receiving some mixed reviews from critics overseas.

Does she? Not so much. "If this Tomb Raider had to cross that threshold, there's no way it would have been made". But that will soon change as Alicia will be bringing to life video game toughie Lara Croft in her upcoming movie, Tomb Raider.

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"Tomb Raider" is the kind of movie in which our heroine, played by Vikander, refuses to accept her wealth and works as a bike courier to make the rent - and then has to race so she can show how rebellious she is. Lara has one female friend at the beginning, who is seen in two scenes and then vanishes, and then Ana, who is in three scenes the whole movie.

To be fair, the film isn't entirely without flaws - the puzzles are nearly laughably simple, and the dialogue is occasionally a little flat - but this is nonetheless an exciting action-adventure movie that should thrill fans of the franchise. What's hidden inside sends her in search of her father's last known destination, an unchartered island off the coast of Japan where Himiko, the legendary death queen, supposedly lies buried.

Except for Croft and the "surprise" character, Vogel is the only other character that gets significant screen time. And the talented Goggins ("The Hateful Eight"), a terrific small-screen villain on "The Shield" and "Justified", doesn't feel like enough here. Even after being led to the tomb, Vogel has numerous opportunities to kill Croft and never does.

Like the personality-devoid video game version of Croft, Vikander's take is bland.

Lara swings by Hong Kong first and gets the son of a man her father knew, Lu Ren (a compelling but underused Daniel Wu) to join her on this adventure.

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But, there are also some differences! "Since TR classic is on Steam, we will use the game data from there".

While sanding away all of Lara's personality traits to pull focus on her as a pure action icon, the film forgets to assemble anything approaching a decent action sequence.

Volvo has even gone to the trouble of creating a Lara Croft XC40 "Spec" for fans to tap in to, but because this is a Hollywood film - and the XC40's presence is aimed at USA sales - the spec is actually a United States spec, even though the auto in the film is UK spec.

In the movie, however, Lara kills in only two scenes: once when she is attacked from behind and is forced into action, and again when she is trying to save some prisoners from mercenaries holding them captive.

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