Apple Ordered to Pay $502 Million in VirnetX Patent Battle Loss


In February 2016, a second trial resulted in a $625 million verdict against Apple.

A federal court in the state of Texas has reportedly asked Apple pay almost Dollars 502.6 million to patent troll VirnetX, for the infringement of its four patents associated with secure internet communications.

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As Bloomberg reports, four patents are involved in the dispute, all relating to secure communications used by Apple's FaceTime, iMessage, and VPN on Demand.

Apple's never-ending battle with notorious patent troll VirnetX continues today. It isn't the first time a ruling in the case has gone against Apple. "The evidence was clear", Kendall Larsen said to reporters following the announcement of the verdict.

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Presently, Apple had once again made a decision to challenge the judgement of the US district court in the Federal Court of Texas. Apple will likely not give in a pay up, so the battle will likely not end here.

The case is now being reviewed by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, which will determine whether or not VirnetX's patents are actually invalid. Later on, the company was ordered by the district court to pay more than Dollars 400 million as damages to the patent-holding company VirnetX for copyright violations. A recent jury awarded $302M in a case involving older Apple devices; a judge increased that amount to $429.7M. That's because PTAB believes VirnetX's patents are invalid even for cases now in progress. The legal fight started back in 2010 when VirnetX filed a lawsuit against Apple where it accused the iPhone maker for infringing on its intellectual properties.

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