Apple taking a page from Samsung's playbook with iPhone gesture controls?


Samsung already included both features in prior smartphones, though their implementations differ.

Apart from the curved display, Apple is also exploring touch-less gestures for navigation. Most probably, this feature will allow users to control their devices by simply moving their finger close to the display, without touching the panel.

In-house development teams at Apple are reportedly working on a new type of display technology - microLED - that could soon appear in some of the company's high-end wearables, such as the Apple Watch, as well other devices.

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Apple has long embraced new ways for humans to interact with computers.

Of course, this is nothing like Google's Soli which is much better and allows users to make all the sorts of gestures that they would typically make on a screen at a greater distance than what Apple is proposing. This would involve a screen where the actual middle of the display is lower than the top and bottom edges, resembling LG's Flex smartphone to an extent. The latter technology enables developers to customize how their apps responds to a gesture based on the amount of pressure a user applies to the screen.

The report specifically cites that Apple is testing an iPhone display capable of detecting gestures from finger movements without actually touching the display. Assumptions are that Apple may not be ready to mass produce such iPhones for the next two years.

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With its competitors constantly adopting similar features and designs, Apple is looking to make future iPhones stand out in a market that is increasingly becoming more crowded. All iPhones released so far have flat screens with only the iPhone X's OLED screen having a slight near-invisible curve at the bottom.

Apple often moves slowly to adopt new technologies. The Korean tech giant has also had success creating curved screens for its flagship phones. However, Bloomberg reports that the OLED display on the iPhone X will be extended to a larger 6.5-inch iPhone model, which will likely be announced this year.

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