Apple's making curved iPhone screens that support air gestures


According to a Bloomberg report this morning, the company is developing two new technologies for its smartphone that could significantly change the user experience. Also, the new screens would curve "inward gradually from top to bottom", not along the sides like with Samsung phones, the publication said.

Unlike the inflexible LCD screens covering older models, Cupertino's latest iPhone X embraced the organic light-emitting diode, which can be shaped or even folded. As described, Apple's design could fit the natural curvature of a cupped hand, and potentially increase screen real estate by a small amount.

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Apple, last week Tuesday, launched a refreshed version of its 9.7-inch iPad, which starts at US$299 for schools, but will keep its consumer price for the device at US$329 - a price which had been lowered from US$499 past year. As a result, the Apple rumor mill has been working overtime lately.

The touchless gestures would allow a user to perform certain tasks by moving a finger close to the display.


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Although curved displays and touchless input may still be years away, greater use of OLED displays is expected this year. The OLED screen in iPhone X is from Samsung but Apple has expanded its sourcing to LG for displays. Unlike Android's, mostly rudimentary face unlock - a glorified picture match - Apple crammed an IR blaster that made the shape and nuances of your face the unlock button. It's also possible if gestureless controls work, the entire ecosystem of Apple products could receive the same update. Although the new technology will not be used on the next generation of iPhones (which are rumored to drop this Fall), the company plans to implement the tech in the next few years. Now it has stepped into something different and that might sound a bit insane as it's reportedly thinking to bring foldable iPhone within two years.

Bloomberg reported that Apple is pushing to apply this non-contact technology to the new iPhone, quoting multiple sources.

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