Avengers: Infinity War: Captain America and Bucky reunite in new trailer


Infinity War is Fandango's top preseller in April and is pacing to be the vendor's top preselling superhero movie in history.

So stars at the press tours are kind of limited on what they can say, but that's pretty much normal. The clip is a fantastic reminder of both how far the franchise has come and the various characters Marvel Studios have spent up to ten years developing and nearly feels like a "Greatest Hits" compilation of the MCU, full of standout moments from the last decade that have all been leading to this very point, whether fans knew it at the time or not. There is a closeness they have that makes them more of a family than co-workers - and it really gives a look at how the chemistry on screen is formed.

God Of War Review
Midgard is the main hub where you'll be spending most of your time, but there's more than just the game's main narrative to enjoy. You're in control of when Atreus fires, and must manage how many arrows he has at his disposal carefully during a lengthy battle.

JOE's Eoghan Doherty caught up with Anthony and Joe Russo to chat about Avengers: Infinity War and we finally got an answer about the fate of Hawkeye. It will be the sickest thing ever, call it a day.

Hiddleston said, "I just think Jeff Goldblum created such a fascinating and hilarious character". He is so amusing, he's so fun, and he has such great stories about his career and about the industry, and he's also just super talented, you know? Instead, the preview showcases the fun and excitement that happened on the set in the duration of the film's production.

Major Ice Storm Could Hit Mississauga This Weekend
Environment Canada has also issued an alert for a potential ice storm on Saturday and Sunday in the Cataraqui Region. A fast-moving low pressure system will cross Southern Ontario today bringing an area of rain with it.

Not only Wright's and Ruffalo's friendship started, but Tom Holland also revealed at the event that he has a sweet bromance going on with Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt. He's such a sweet guy. The way he navigates around set and the way he treats everyone is a role-model for me.

'And we have been very close. After the Daily Mail spotted him with bright red hair in January, speculation began that he could be playing Pip the Troll, and that still seems like a possibility. It was lovely to catch-up, and he's a great guy'.

Offshore Oil and Gas exploration Cancellation Welcomed
New Zealand exports about $1.1 billion worth of oil per year, less than it imports, according to The New York Times. In each of the last two years only one permit has been granted for offshore oil and gas exploration.

The Disney and Marvel Studios film is estimated to open at over $200 million in the opening weekend starting April 27. Marvel showed the first 24 minutes of the highly anticipated movie to the exclusive audience, many of whom have already posted their impressions online.