Canadian Instagram Model Jailed for Drug Smuggling Blames Selfie Obsession for Crime


Judge Catherine Traill said the fact Roberge went on the trip so she could get attention online is a "sad indictment" on people her age.

Lagace reportedly made an early guilty plea and was sentenced to a maximum seven-and-a-half, minimum four-and-a-half years in prison, just shy of Roberge's sentence. Worth between $21 million to $30 million the drug bust was Australia's largest to ever take place on a boating vessel.

Melina Roberge, 24, was sentenced on Wednesday to a maximum of eight years in prison for smuggling suitcases of drugs into Australia.

Since her prosecution, Roberge has supposedly seen the fault in her ways, and is committed to warning others of the dangers involved in pursuing social media fame. Lagacé was sentenced last November to seven years and six months in prison.

Melina Roberge will serve an optimum of 8 years in prison, inning accordance with the Washington Post.

"It is sad they seek to attain such a vacuous existence, where how many "likes" they receive is their currency".

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"She was there to look pretty", Judge Traill said.

Ms Roberge pleaded guilty in February, on the eve of her trial, for importing almost 30 kilograms of the drug, in the largest drug seizure on a cruise ship docking in Australia. "I doubt she is now".

Upon arrival in Australia, border agents searched the ship, discovering 35 kilograms in the women's cabin and 60 kilograms a cabin belonging to Andre Tamin, a wealthy Canadian man in his mid-60s whom Roberge described as her "sugar daddy", according to the AP.

Judge Traill said Roberge had been "seduced by lifestyle and the opportunity to post glamorous Instagram photos", along with the potential financial windfall she stood to make as a result of the trafficking ploy.

She had spent about seven weeks on the ship after leaving the United Kingdom, stopping in Ireland, the USA, Bermuda, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. Traill said, "He charmed her and spoiled her and became intimately involved with her".

She pleaded guilty to smuggling cocaine in her suitcase, part of a group of three people from Quebec who brought a total of 95 kilograms of the drug worth nearly $16 million (U.S.) onto the cruise ship.

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In a submission to the court, Roberge said that she had been a "stupid young woman".

Roberge, alongside fellow Canadian and former porn star Isabelle Lagace, was offered a first class ticket worth $20,000, in addition to $5,000 in spending money as incentive to participate in the smuggling.

Roberge has made a court apology to "the people of Australia" and said since being in jail, "I have come across people struggling with addiction".

She began life as an escort, and in May 2016 she accepted a free trip to Morocco to work in that capacity.

Tamine, 67, will be sentenced at a later date.

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