Classic Sega Genesis, Master System games coming to Nintendo Switch


Yesterday, it was revealed that Sega is bringing its own "classic edition" system to market in the form of the Mega Drive Mini. Gamers in the USA who were lucky enough to have one of these back in the day will remember it as the Sega Genesis. Asked whether Sonic 3 will be included, AtGames replied that it wouldn't be included because it "has license issues with the music". Sega's official version is smaller, and more closely resembles its eighties-born ancestor. Satomi-san also mentioned that more details will be announced at a later date.

Another major announcement is the remaster of the critically acclaimed Shenmue 1 and 2 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC just in time for the release of Shenmue 3 later this year. What we don't know is what games the console will come with. Again, that's going to be happening this year, and Sega says the updated games will be available in both physical and digital form. The company also announced that it would be bringing a number of classic games to the Nintendo Switch this summer.

Erdogan welcomes Syria strikes against Assad regime
Russia, which has also provided critical military support to the Assad regime, has called for an emergency U.N. Turkey is a vocal critic of Assad's regime in Damascus and backed rebels fighting for his ouster.

The collection, which is being developed by Studio M2, will include 15 classic games.

Good evening, everyone. It's Friday night here in North America, but in Japan, it's a handsome Saturday and a flawless time for Sega Festival 2018.

Red Sox Pitcher Joe Kelly Suspended In Brawl With Yankees
For the second time in three years, Cleveland Indians pitcher Carlos Carrasco tossed a complete game against the Detroit Tigers. You had real punches getting tossed around and Joe Kelly , maybe my new favorite baseball player, going full Nolan Ryan here.

The next Sakura Wars game will follow the series' formula that combines the genres of tactical RPGs, visual novels, and dating simulators.

Netanyahu cautions Iran after Syria strikes
Netanyahu also again warned over Iran's presence in Syria after previously pledging not to allow the country to entrench itself militarily next door. "Syria continues to carry out murderous actions and to be a base for these and other actions, including by Iran, that puts its territory, forces and leadership in danger", the terse statement said.