Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Grilled on Privacy by House Panel


Still, Zuckerberg conceded in a press briefing prior to his recent testimonies in Washington, D.C that despite not noticing a significant drop in Facebook users, the recent scandals are "not good".

The data debacle sparked outrage over consumer privacy, but also reignited broader concerns about Facebook's impact on privacy, civil discourse and domestic institutions around the world.

Third parties will no longer be able to make quite such free use of the unfathomable quantities of data that Facebook accumulates. Some researchers won't even have access to it unless they are physically in Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park, California, he said. "You type the letter K, and everybody knows", King said.

"It's strikes me that there's a real trust gap here". He continued: "I want to be careful here because our work with the special counsel is confidential and I want to make sure that in an open session I'm not revealing something that is confidential".

She continued: "You didn't know what a shadow profile was". So I use something called Ghostery. I think it's time to ask whether Facebook may have moved too fast and broken too many things. They've just said they're going to end that.

The executive, who has never been a natural public speaker, stumbled more when grilled by technically adept members of Congress, and seemed unwilling to go into detail about exactly what data Facebook collects and how. Some of the features require more personal info than others; pictures, once posted, can potentially remain in the enormous cloud of internet data forever.

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It was a two-day interrogation with dozens of questions - some of them acute, some of them rambling, a few quite freaky. And lawmakers are focused on other issues today.

Mr Zuckerberg earlier this week testified before Congress, to discuss the company's mishandling of data that improperly ended up on the servers of Cambridge Analytica.

MARK ZUCKERBERG: Congressman, in general, we collect data on people have not signed up for Facebook for security purposes to prevent the kind of scraping that you were just referring to. Welcome to the program. For those who are ridding themselves of the platform under the #deletefacebook trend, you can keep up to date on the latest news over on our Twitter page if not directly from our website. What are they looking for in the way of data?

Whatever you put online will stay there, whether you like it or not.

But even if the account is private, there's no telling who can view your information.

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CORNISH: So was it more of the same in terms of the style of questioning?

The number who had messages taken is a small proportion of the total 87 million people whose data was harvested in some fashion.

Facebook on Monday said: "Our goals are to understand Facebook's impact on upcoming elections - like Brazil, India, Mexico and the U.S. midterms - and to inform our future product and policy decisions". People own their own data, as far as he sees it.

"We are working to advocate technology", Parakilas said, "that aligns with humanity's best interest".

CORNISH: That's Julia Angwin. "You need freedom from surveillance to do that".

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