Man released after arrest at Taylor Swift house


But, those stories aren't almost as scary as the latest news from Beverly Hills home.

Swift's security called the police after they saw a man, who has since been identified as Julius Sandrock, in front of her home, according to AP.

Julius Sandrock, 38, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of stalking after officers went to the home.

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Winning a "Shake It Off" lawsuit doesn't entitle Taylor Swift to a legal fees shakedown, a California judge has ruled. "Officers found the following items Respondent's auto when he was arrested: an empty gun holster, live rounds of ammunition, latex gloves, black gloves, a knife, multiple masks similar to ones painter use, a black half-face mask, one 9 mm ammunition round, an empty.22 caliber ammunition box, black rope; officers also found prescription medications and psychologist paperwork", the documents read. Sandrock told the officers he made the drive from Colorado to Los Angeles just to see Swift.

Police reportedly found an empty gun holster, ammunition, a knife, latex and black gloves, multiple masks and some rope during their search of his vehicle.

A 23-year-old homeless man named Justin Lilly reportedly tried to climb a wall outside of the property on April 8.

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He also told police he has depression, bipolar disorder, manic episodes and obsessive compulsive disorder; he was found to be in possession of prescription medications.

Swift wasn't at the home then, either. He was charged with a misdemeanour and sentenced to three days in prison.

It has been an unfortunately eventful week at Swift's mansions across the country, as A.P. reported on April 11 that a man with a crush on the singer robbed a bank, drove to her Rhode Island-based mansion and threw money over a fence.

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Swift, 28, lives in NY.