Overwatch's next PvE mission is a Blackwatch strike in Italy


Now from the 10th of April until the 30th, players will have a chance to play Overwatch Retribution, the second PvE story mission for the game. Blackwatch is supposed to be the secret covert ops division of Overwatch, but the trailer suggests that the mission ended in disaster and spelled the beginning of the end for Overwatch itself. Venice's map will be used, and we will see what actually happened that evening during the Blackwatch mission.

As players compete in matches-win or lose-they'll level up and earn Loot Boxes, each containing a combination of four items players can use to customize their heroes, including in-game credits and cosmetic goodies including skins, sprays, voice lines, and new animations. But, if you're a Twitch Prime member, you can get it for $19.99. Talon will be fielding snipers, assassins, heavy assaults, and a "bunch of other [units]" in the mission against you.

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In one game mode, players take on Retribution as the four named heroes. Like last year's Uprising Event which detailed backstory about some of the Overwatch characters, this year's event sounds like it will be somewhat the same but with different focal points in the Overwatch lore.

Unlike Uprising, Retribution won't reuse an existing map - Venice is an all-new creation. The Venice map will be a daytime Payload-type map in the regular rotation after testing on the PTR once the event is over.

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Recurring PvE missions within Overwatch will now be known as "Overwatch Archives". A new comic offering background, "Retribution", is available to read for free.

The limited time event will run from April 10 through to April 30.

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Additional information was provided by Jeff Kaplan at the Overwatch League. Will you be returning for Retribution next week?