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Until now, the State Department has refrained from supporting the Iranian opposition and its protests against the regime at a time when Trump had declared his support for it.Mike Pompeo, Trump's nominee to replace Tillerson, has extensive knowledge of dealing with such issues, being the director of the world's most prominent intelligence agency, the CIA. Trump instead went to corporate America to find what he hoped would be a like-minded and tough CEO with experience in the multi-national arena.

Paul did not vote to confirm Pompeo as CIA director last year.

The host went on to slam the president's personal life.

Underscoring Trump's crass cowardice, he didn't have the guts to fire Tillerson in person or even by phone.

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The Times reports that an EPA spokeswoman said all the trips were related to agency business. Apol said the EPA needed to "take action to appropriately address any violations".

"Competent people have guiding principles to help them in making important decision and setting policy for their departments", he said. Had he been left alone, and if he'd had more regard for his department's career diplomats, he could have been very effective in the job.

Rex Tillerson is out as secretary of state. He added that he also had concerns about Pompeo's previously stated support for waterboarding and other interrogation techniques - despite Pompeo's promise at his CIA confirmation hearing to uphold the laws prohibiting torture - and his support for resuming the bulk collection of metadata.

Tillerson's claim to fame came from his business acumen as ExxonMobil's chief executive officer, a position that he held for a decade.

For Israel, the Pompeo announcement appears to be good news for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been an outspoken opponent of the Iranian nuclear deal and who sees Iran's involvement in neighboring Lebanon and Syria as a major threat.

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That was echoed by Ali Khorram, a former Iranian envoy to the United Nations, in the pro-reform daily newspaper Arman. Qatar is one part of the disagreement with Tillerson, but it is not the main cause.

The occupant of this post must be well versed at relationship management, understanding the full range of options available to this department all while leveraging the talents of the diplomatic work force, while simultaneously serving both as its captain and cheerleader while also looking to fill key vacancies. "It's a dismissal of someone who allegedly called Trump a moron".

There's one little thing that probably has a lot more to do with Tillerson coming to the end of the official road than mere policy differences: Trump apparently wants to be his own secretary of state, and the GOP establishment, whom Tillerson has done so much to sideline inside the hallowed halls at Foggy Bottom, isn't willing to let that happen.

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