Snapchat launches three incredible new face filters for iPhone X


Apple has introduced their new iPhone X with new TrueDepth Camera. They're basically AR masks that follow your face around like the app's many other Lenses, but due to the way TrueDepth works, they can look more realistic and just all around better.

Snapchat users and iPhone X owners now have one more reason to be happy.

Apple teased the super smart Lenses at the iPhone X launch past year, but now they've finally gone live. I would guess this means that Snap can't store information about the expressions you make with these lenses or use them to target you with ads, although I can imagine companies will want to take advantage of the technology to brand these lenses eventually.

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Many expected the new iPhone X-exclusive face filters from Snapchat to be available on release day, November 3, 2017.

According to The Verge, Snapchat's Lenses are created to reflect the surrounding light in a more realistic manner.

It's worth remembering that, though the TrueDepth camera is used in both this case and for Face ID, there are different layers of security at work. These lenses will be more tightly sticking to your face around jawline. That can be confused, however, especially with faster-moving subjects, leading to misalignment of the AR Lenses. The lenses will use the facial recognition technology which records everything including your Face Movements.

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Long-press on the center of the screen to bring up the lenses and filters view.

This lens puts slaps a bejeweled mask encrusted with diamonds on your face and a flower crown on your head. However, in future, the giant will add a bunch of new masks which the users of iPhone X can explore through the Snapchat application. It has been nearly seven months since the announcement, but they they are finally available.

Snapchat's regular face filters are already incredibly accurate. However, no one, not even Apple's employees have access to the mathematical data obtained by the camera.

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