Tabloid paid out $30K to spike story alleging Trump love child


Dino Sajudin, who worked as a doorman at one of the President's NY buildings heard the story about the now-president and a woman working at Trump World Tower, near the United Nations building in Manhattan.

The parent company of the National Enquirer, a noted ally to President Donald Trump, allegedly paid his former doorman tens of thousands of dollars for exclusive rights to a story they never meant to publish.

Sajudin is at the center of explosive new reports detailing a $30,000 payment from the National Enquirer to silence a rumor that Trump fathered a child with an employee at Trump World Tower in Midtown. In a provision similar to the silence agreement signed by adult video star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump, Sajudin's deal required that he pay a penalty of $1 million if he violated the "hush" provision about the Trump rumor.

"It seems like the writing is on the wall about that, it's pretty clear", he said, while also noting that the rumor about Trump fathering an illegitimate child "had to come out" at some point.

The story also mentioned Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen; Farrow reported that he spoke to two former AMI employees who "said they believed that Cohen was in close contact with AMI executives while the company's reporters were looking into Sajudin's story".

AMI said in its statement that it "categorically denies that Donald Trump or Michael Cohen had anything to do with its decision not to pursue a story about a "love child" that it determined was not credible". He has said nothing - at least as far as I can find - about the payment to McDougal and the alleged payment to the doorman. "These claims are reckless, unsubstantiated, and false".

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Sajudin, claimed the affair happened in 1989.

This is not to say that there isn't legitimate reporting to be done on this story.

The alleged payoff to Sajudin happened eight months before American Media, which is headed by Trump supporter David Pecker, paid $150,000 in August 2016 to Karen McDougal, a former Playboy Playmate, who alleged she had an affair with Trump.

AMI executive Dylan Howard, who now serves as the Enquirer's chief content officer, told reporters last summer that executives supposedly made the payment to Sajudin in order to secure the tip, which he said would have sold "hundreds of thousands" of magazines.

The New Yorker has uncovered no evidence that Trump fathered the child.

Sajudin has said that he did receive the money.

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Michael Cohen, President Trump's longtime personal attorney, set up a shell company in DE three weeks before the 2016 election.

The Enquirer's Howard said the magazine released Sajudin from his exclusivity clause when he was approached by the other outlets.

Federal investigators are now probing the tabloid's activities during the election, to learn whether the tabloid was actually acting as an arm of the Trump campaign, according to a Wednesday report by the New York Times.

"This is all fake", she said past year.

"You know I took a polygraph test", he told the Washington Post, claiming the story was killed because American Media has a history of protecting Trump from negative stories. Her mother did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

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