Tesla clashes with Feds over autopilot crash investigation


Tesla pulled from fatal Autopilot crash investigation.

Being a party to an investigation allows a company to fully participate in the investigation process, sharing information with the agency and viewing information uncovered by NTSB while the investigation is still ongoing. John Gersch, managing counsel at Toyota and another conference participant, pointed to a promotional video shown at the conference, in which Tesla touts its Autopilot semi-automated system.

The NTSB described the decision to revoke Tesla's status as "rare", but noted that it previously did so in separate investigations that occurred in 2009 and 2014.

"It is unfortunate that Tesla, by its actions, did not abide by the party agreement", Sumwalt said in the NTSB statement on Thursday.

However, sources told Bloomberg that it was actually the NTSB that kicked Tesla out of the investigation.

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Tesla declined to comment on the August incident. This became even more apparent this week as the family of the deceased driver, Walter Huang, is preparing to sue Tesla for negligence in his death.

Tesla also alleges its "clear in our conversations" with the NTSB that it cares less about safety and more about press headlines.

The NTSB said it took this action because Tesla violated the party agreement by releasing investigative information before it was vetted and confirmed by the NTSB.

Tesla's statements have highlighted the need for drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and pay attention to the road at all times while Autopilot is engaged. It often shares facts as it finds them, but rarely draws conclusions about things like causality or remedies until it's ready to release a thorough, detailed, and considered report.

"We are going to make some capital investments towards the end of this year related to Model Y". A week after the crash, Tesla admitted that Autopilot was engaged during the fatal crash.

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There is no indication of exact specifications yet or whether the design will echo the Model 3, in the same way the Model X and Model S resemble each other. Tesla said the system always reminds drivers to be alert and have hands on the wheel. Tesla has released a statement disputing that the call in question was testy in nature, and also explaining why it withdrew from the investigation.

The family of a driver killed last month in a Tesla vehicle crash has hired law firm Minami Tamaki LLP to explore legal options, the firm said on 11 April, adding the Autopilot feature was defective and probably caused his death.

"Since most cars are only in use by their owner for 5% to 10% of the day, the fundamental economic utility of a true self-driving vehicle is likely to be several times that of a auto which is not", said Musk.

Late Wednesday, Tesla said in a statement it would no longer take part in the NTSB probe because the investigation would require Tesla to not divulge information about its Autopilot feature to the public.

As a reminder here, Tesla's Autopilot system is only meant to be used by those closely watching the road, and activating the system requires an acknowledgment of this reality. "The firm believes Tesla's Autopilot feature is defective and likely caused Huang's death, despite Tesla's apparent attempt to blame the victim of this awful tragedy", according to the law firm, Minami Tamaki.

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