The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale Should've Killed Off SPOILER


The first ten minutes of the episode play more as an epilogue to The Walking Dead's eighth season finale than the beginning of its sister show's fourth.

The man killed her husband, Glenn, with Lucille before her eyes that fateful night with a smile. For my money, season 4's The Grove featuring Carol, Tyreese and those two extremely creepy children who (spoiler) end up dead is about as good as the show gets.

I had hoped he would eventually go back to the Hilltop crew, but this week, when he vomited on Rosita to go back to Sanctuary, proved that he is now a full-blown Savior. "And I've never seen him look so happy with so much blood on his chest". Therefore, viewers will just have to wait until Episode 2 airs next Sunday to find out whom it means. "That's the kind of intensity that that sort of scene needs".

Just after Rick slit Negan's throat, Negan murmured something curious: "The kid didn't know a damn thing".

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I think we're telling a story about restraint rather than revenge. He stuck around long enough to help in the final battle, where Jesus talked him into not using the sharp end of his stick on humans. Every major conflict in the history of The Walking Dead has ended with a huge death or someone dying and this is him choosing life.

"Timeless", 10 p.m. (KING): Wyatt and Rufus are forced to bring a 17-year-old John F. Kennedy with them to the present, where he escapes to San Francisco; the team must rescue him and return him to the past. Now that the Saviors have been defeated and the show is going to push time forward a bit in all likelihood, this horde is bound to be a problem in season 9.

"The show evolves.... They're facing different problems, They're facing different problems with each other". Sure, we could be edging into spin-off territory if we kill off the lead but, at the very least, it'll inject some much-needed terror into the mix. New storylines began to take shape. Morgan finally feels comfortable sharing parts of his past with Al and tells her that he came from Atlanta and Virginia.

The comic book tells us it could be somewhat disappointing. Following on from his tactical advantage the previous week, the baseball bat-wielding maniac had his opponents surrounded, only for a rug-pull to reveal Eugene had made faulty ammo. He was fighting something that was in him. He tells the Saviors who have surrendered that they need to work together to take on the threat of the undead and that while Negan may be alive, "his way of doing things is over". But he met Abraham Ford. Ever since then she had been determined to gather people and resources to fight back, even when Rick was too afraid to.

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It looks like that to me.

"When we did do that, and what Lauren does with that scene is like Michael Corleone", Gimple said. Rather than allowing her prisoners to take up residency in permanent jail cells, Maggie reintroduces corporal punishment to The Walking Dead universe.

He's seen and done things that those on FTWD still don't know about and has come to crossroads that they're still looking for despite all they've been through.

By not killing Negan and stopping the violence, Rick is trying to do right by his son. "That certainly isn't off the menu for Jesus".

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