Thunder Broadcaster Says Russell Westbrook Is 'Out of His Cotton-Picking Mind'


George scored 26 points on 9-of-10 shooting, including 5 of 5 3-pointers in the first half to help Oklahoma City score a season-high 77 points in the first half.

And then there's Russell Westbrook.

Watch Service' Mike Conley - the anti-diva. So he tailored his game to the task at hand.

"I'm blessed man to go out and compete man and like I've said many many times I don't take this game for granted", explained Westbrook, who finished with a career-high 20 rebounds to go with 19 assists and 6 points.

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Davis, who has been calling Thunder broadcasts for eight seasons, said Westbrook was "out of his cotton-picking mind" after the seven-time All-Star hit a three. "They're not meaningless numbers".

If one night summed up Russell Westbrook's National Basketball Association life, this was it: Beloved by some, mocked by others and defiant to the end.

"I've seen him lock in, and I want to really appreciate how good of a player he is and the production he's had these last two years", Collison said.

While attempting a corner 3-pointer with 7:07 left in the fourth quarter, Brewer came down awkwardly as Memphis' Mario Chalmers closed out. Conley's hurt. Chandler Parsons is hurt (of course). So the Grizzlies become Dillon Brooks and whoever else plays on a given night. "I have unbelievable teammates that allow me to do what I do each and every single night".

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The Thunder star averaged a triple-double last season with 31.6 points, 10.7 rebounds and 10.1 assists per game, but some are sceptical saying that the Thunder have padded his rebound stats this season allowing him to get boards that other players could have easily grabbed.

Name SearchWatch Service' Steven Adams was taking advantage of Gasol's absence to have his way around the basket, I was looking for hopeful signs. "But obviously he's [Harden] leading the charge at the moment". By stepping up and taking control in the first and second quarters, withstanding a Memphis rally in the third quarter and closing the door in the final frame, the Thunder managed to guarantee itself at least the sixth seed with a 137-123 victory.

For Memphis, the game will mark the end of a forgettable season. Might he take on a Troy Daniels-type role next season? Individually, we're not like, 'Damn, I got to get this rebound. Both those events will shape the Grizzlies' future.

Memphis should land a high draft pick after clinching the second-worst record in the National Basketball Association with Monday's loss at Minnesota. That's the power of Russell Westbrook.

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