Toxic 'Bootleg' Alcohol Killed 82 People in Indonesia Last Week


The deaths occurred in several parts of the provinces of Jakarta and West Java, according to the National Police.

Over 100 people have died this month in Indonesia after drinking toxic liquor, local police said on Wednesday.

The country has been shocked by images of distraught relatives and lines of trolleys carrying bodies in hospital hallways.

Indonesian police display huge quantities of suspect confiscated alcohol.

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Police say they will crackdown on producers and distributors in a bid to put a stop to a black market in alcohol.

Police displayed huge quantities of confiscated alcohol at the news conference, some of it in the small clear plastic bags it's sold in for about 25,000 rupiah ($1.80) as well as professionally labeled bottles purporting to be whiskey or wine.

It's unclear how effective the crackdown will be.

Muslim-majority Indonesia has a thriving bootleg business, fuelled by high taxes and limited sales of legal alcohol.

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Tests on black-market alcohol showed it often contained methanol, a byproduct of bootleg distilling which can be lethal.

"The home brew such as "Miras oplosan" is believed to be a mixture of alcohol, ginseng, cough medicine, coca cola and an ingredient used in mosquito repellent", he said.

The other 31 dead are from the metropolitan area of the provincial capital Bandung and started being hospitalised at the beginning of the month, according to Jakarta police spokesperson Argo Yuwono, also present at the press conference.

Deaths from toxic alcohol are common in Indonesia and foreigners are occasionally among the victims. But West Java police said they have found no evidence to support that.

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Deaths from such consumption are reported frequently, but the latest toll is among the highest in recent years.