Trump attorney is focus of 'monthslong' investigation into personal dealings


The raids on Cohen came as part of a monthslong federal investigation based in NY, court records show, and were sweeping in their breadth.

US prosecutors filed documents on Friday in federal court saying he is under criminal investigation for his business deals.

After giving Trump until Monday to weigh in, Wood then decided that she would resume a part of the hearing at 2 p.m. on Friday, apparently to consider interests of other clients - "innocent parties" she said - whose files may have been vacuumed up in the Cohen raid.

Attorneys for Trump lawyer Michael Cohen want the court to order prosecutors to temporarily halt an examination of the material that was seized. Her attorney said she could be in court Monday because she believes some of the seized documents may be related to her case.

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"Bad reporting, bad information and bad story", Cohen wrote Saturday in a tweet denying the McClatchy article. Officials redacted a section in the document explaining why they thought they could not trust Cohen to turn over records willingly. Neither he nor his lawyer responded to requests for comment for this story... "Cohen was being unusually simplistic, like he had bullet points that he was reading from to try and make himself look good".

These could include claims by Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who claimed to have had a sexual encounter with Trump in 2006.

Prosecutors have been working with a grand jury to investigate Cohen for months, they write, and they have obtained secret warrants on his "multiple different email accounts". They said Cohen has told at least one witness that his only client was Trump.

Not only would evidence that Cohen indeed traveled to Prague reveal he's been lying, but it would discredit the argument Trump and his allies in Congress have been using to discredit the Russian Federation investigation.

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"I know that the President worked with him as a personal attorney".

"Attorney Davidson never consented to any recordings of his conversations with Mr. Cohen".

According to the dossier, Cohen played a part in the alleged conspiracy.

Todd Harrison, an attorney for Cohen, urged the judge to issue a temporary restraining order to let either Cohen's lawyers or a court-appointed special master review the materials seized by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents.

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Ordinarily, documents or communications seized from a lawyer by FBI agents would be reviewed by a team of Justice Department lawyers not directly involved in the investigation to determine which documents were relevant to the probe, and which should be off-limits to investigators because of attorney-client privilege.