Trump Weighs Rejoining TPP as He Tones Down China Trade Threat


Farm state lawmakers say President Donald Trump has asked top administration officials to look into rejoining talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, from which the US withdrew past year. "The best thing the United States can do to push back against Chinese cheating now is to lead the other 11 Pacific nations that believe in free trade and the rule of law", Mr. Sasse said in a statement.

"They don't want welfare payments, they want to feed the world", Sasse said. It is bad enough to force US workers to compete with low-wage labor; they should not be forced to compete with no-wage labor.

President Trump is directing his top economic advisers to negotiate re-entering the Trans-Pacific Partnership, after pulling out of the trade agreement just one year ago. It's a harsh word - it's a rape of our country.

Shortly after assuming the office, the U.S. president delivered on his campaign promise and pulled out of the deal, sending it into limbo. They have been pressing Trump to back down from his trade spat with China, which has threatened to raise tariffs on United States agricultural products.

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Abandoning TPP was a signature motif of Trump's campaign.

One of Trump's first moves in office was to formally scrap United States participation in the pact - which had been criticized by politicians from the left as well as the right as being overly secretive and potentially damaging to workers' rights. His Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, also said she did not plan on ratifying the deal, even after she had a role in its formation during her time as President Barack Obama's Secretary of State. In fact, in February, a letter from 25 congressional Republicans had been delivered to Trump asking that he "re-engage" with the TPP.

China's aggressive response to Mr. Trump's tariffs is aimed squarely at products produced in the American heartland, a region that helped send him to the White House.

The President is saying he might want to rejoin TPP.

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Trump signaled a possible reconsideration of the TPP back in January if its terms were more favorable.

"If it holds until this afternoon, that's a good move", remarked Sen.

That letter was ignored, and in March, 11 countries from across the Pacific, excluding China, signed the agreement which will create a new single market that represents 40 percent of the global economic output. Sen Ron Johnson, R-Wis., was among a handful of senators who recently visited China to meet with government and business leaders there. "The president heard unified voices that we need more trade, not less".

The countries signed the agreement but they still must individually ratify it before it can be formally implemented.

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