Uganda confirms two athletes missing at Commonwealth Games in Australia


Organisers have urged athletes in Australia for the Commonwealth Games to respect the terms of their entry visas after Cameroon reported that a third of their team have gone missing.

Here we take a look at the day's finest moments as the Games near a conclusion.

"All of our athletes have worked extremely hard to represent our country in their chosen sport at this year's Commonwealth Games and we are very proud of them", Ms Kaye says.

The three team officials were all reprimanded.

Their accreditation was suspended along with athletes are removed from the village.

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The missing eight have been named as weightlifters Olivier Matam Matam, Petit Minkoumba and Arcangeline Fouodji Sankbou and boxers Simplice Fotsala, Christian Ndzie Tsoye, Arsene Foku, Ulrich Yombo and Christelle Ndiang.

On Wednesday, Cameroon's team attache Simon Molombe told CNN Sport he did not expect the missing athletes to return: "I don't think they will be back", he said.

The reason for their disappearance is not known, amid some reports that they wanted to stay in Australia for economic reasons.

Cr Dobie said there was no indication they were unhappy and "they were great ambassadors for their country, there was no indication at any time that there was an issue with individuals".

Watching that game we were all over them, we matched them toe to toe. "Why did they took action on both athletes?"

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"According to the rules no athlete is supposed to go out without an official to accompany them", said Ogwel.

The Indian Commonwealth Games Federation has been told to send both athletes home on the first available flight.

Hours after Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton warned athletes who breached their visa conditions they'd be tracked down, locked up and deported, Sierra Leone's Ernest Jombla and Yusif Mansaray did not appear for their men's doubles match on Thursday morning.

At London 2012, seven Cameroon athletes disappeared during the Olympics.

"Like other visitors to Australia, Commonwealth Games visitors who hold a valid visa, are free to enjoy their stay in Australia".

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