Voters may get chance to vote on splitting California into 3 states


Organizers say they have enough signatures for a November ballot measure to break up California into separate states.

A billionaire says he has ample help to ask Californians within the occasion that they should divide the nation's most populous state into three states.

On "Tucker Carlson Tonight", Draper said the "CAL 3" proposal would give citizens better representation through three smaller state governments. California voters might be able to make that decision this fall.

"To create three states from a standing start, you'll get all the benefits of knowing all the things that worked in the past, and all the things that could work in the future and you get to eliminate all the baggage you got in the state", Draper said in a news conference Thursday night at Draper University.

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California: This will be considered the new state which includes Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey and San Benito counties. The three-way split goes like this: Northern California would include the Bay Area all the way to the OR border.

Under U.S. federal law, splitting California would require congressional approval even if the proposal is placed on state ballot.

Creating two new states would add four new members to the U.S. Senate, two for each of the additional Californias.

Could California be split up to better represent its citizens?

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But Bill Whalen, a Hoover Institution research fellow and political expert, said the proposed new map might not seem like the answer to those most frustrated with the state's politics.

The remaining 40 counties would be part of the state of Northern California or a name chosen by its residents.

"The notion that smaller is lovely has not played out with any foundation in facts", Maviglio said, noting that tiny Rhode Island and the District of Columbia are regularly criticized for mismanagement.

"It's completely unworkable and ridiculous", Maviglio said.

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