WWE's Lana & Rusev Rusev's Gonna Retire Undertaker ... CRUSH His Old Ass!


Rusev admits Undertaker's one of the GOATs, and has home-field advantage for their CASKET MATCH. but says he ain't sweatin' it since "Rusev Day" is equally legendary.

Jericho was originally booked to be in the 50-Man Royal Rumble match during the April 27 event.

The storyline suggests that Rusev's wife Lana pleaded with management to get her husband off this grisly match. Although Jericho has never been a part of such an ominous showdown, WWE's first Undisputed Champion has battled in virtually every other kind of match WWE has to offer, and if his extensive résumé says anything, it's that he knows how to win when it counts.

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Y2J was announced as a replacement for Rusev in an out of nowhere statement by WWE.

The Bulgarian Brute insisted that he would crush The Deadman but admitted he was anxious about the match stipulations.

It looks like there could be something to the rumor about Rusev being unhappy with WWE after all. Even WWE can not deny the fans on Rusev Day. They were in Hollywood this week promoting the movie when TMZ's cameras caught up with them and had that interview everyone saw where Rusev said The Undertaker was past his prime. That and I'm sure Rusev is going to be inserted in another match or even in the Royal Rumble itself.

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It's been a odd couple of months for The Bulgarian Brute, as the rise of popularity of Rusev Day, whether it be through fans chanting 'Rusev Day!' or through rising merchandise sales, hasn't really transitioned into success in the ring. WWE confirmed to Newsweek that Rusev will take Jericho's spot in the 50-man Royal Rumble match.

Taker made an epic return at WrestleMania and destroyed John Cena in less than three minutes.

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