You're apathetic about privacy, and Facebook is counting on it


In contrast to the information that users (more or less) willingly share, the vast majority of users have no idea that such data even exists.

It's no coincidence that Parakilas has been speaking out about the issue since the matter of user data on Facebook came to light.

Many people logged in on their devices expecting to see a message at the top of their news feed reading "Protecting Your Information", as was described in numerous articles. With the first hearing on Tuesday and the second on Wednesday, Zuckerberg confessed a variety of ways Facebook has misused user data.

Does Facebook tap your microphone?

He had never heard of the widely used term "shadow profiles" to describe this kind of data collection.

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While the future of Facebook may be uncertain, Twitter seems to be more lively than ever. The fact that Facebook's ad targeting is, at times, so accurate that people assume the company must be spying on them is a great endorsement of Facebook ads.

"I don't think there's been any meaningful impact that we've observed", Facebook co-founder and CEO said. You don't even know all the kinds of information Facebook is collecting from its own users.

Of course, there may be a gap between people who say they deleted their Facebook and those who actually did. Facebook knows a fair amount about you.

The tech CEO also expressed regret that he did not "take a broad enough view of our responsibility" to prevent tools from being used for harm, particularly with regards to "fake news, for foreign interference in elections, and hate speech, as well as developers and data privacy". The service's business model is also under scrutiny. A survey this week of 1,000 respondents representative of the US population in gender and age, found that while only 9% of panelists deleted their account altogether, "there are less drastic steps users are taking that should be worrying as they directly impact Facebook's business model", wrote Carolina Milanesi of Creative Strategies, a market intelligence firm based in Silicon Valley that conducted the survey.

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But why are there so many videos of people claiming to have proved Facebook is listening?

"We require these security measures for the company's benefit because of the importance of Mr. Zuckerberg to Facebook, and we believe that the costs of this overall security program are appropriate and necessary", the filing continues.

Fraser said if he were a politician, he could ascertain who would be unlikely to vote for him by campaigning door-to-door.

Truth be told, we'll probably have to wait until Facebook's forthcoming earnings report in order to get a more accurate gauge as to how the ongoing controversy enveloping the company has impacted its user base.

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