Beware! This Bug-added Forward Message May Crash Your WhatsApp, Android Device


A screenshot of the prank posted by India Times suggests that the WhatsApp "black spot" message only affects Android users, but has yet to affect anyone using the messaging app on iOS devices.

By looking at the messages for the first time it will look like any other normal message and not a spam.

A Telugu script message is going viral on the messaging platform WhatsApp and it is reported to have been crashing WhatsApp.

The message consists of a black icon, clicking on that black icon will cause your WhatsApp to freeze or make it unresponsive. Android and iPhone users across the globe have been affected with this WhatsApp message and majority have been reportedly asked to restart their mobile phones.

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How Does The WhatsApp Black Dot Message Work?

Why it does this is due to the nature of the message; it contains symbols that WhatsApp doesn't yet recognise, and is therefore invisible to the user. If you tap on part of the text, the app will "expand" these symbols, which could cause the app to overload or even crash your entire operating system.

To use this link, type number of the contact you want the send the text to.

Android smartphones with massive processing power might be able to survive the message with just a hanging WhatsApp, but other devices will likely see WhatsApp crash.

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You might start to feel pretty popular whenever your Whatsapp starts to bling this bank holiday.

To avoid the problem simply do not click on the message and delete it immediately. If you receive the message, then you have to restart your smartphone.

Have you already received this cheeky message?

The uplifting news is you don't have a considerable measure to stress over, regardless of whether a friend who loves jokes gets you out with one of these messages, you only need to reset your telephone to bring it back. There are also complaints of Android phones being disrupted by the message bombs.

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