Facebook begins asking if every post you see is hate speech


After the "hate speech" identification options disappeared, a Facebook spokesperson explained the situation to PJ Media.

A friend gave me permission to share her post-to show how the UI propagates and point out the absurdity of every Tuesday-morning post getting the tag.

An example of the hate-speech prompt appearing on every post in a Tuesday morning news feed.

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Facebook users may have noticed an unusual question popping up near posts: "Does this post contain hate speech?"

The ability of each user to flag a post as "hate speech" and alert Facebook's censors set off alarm bells.

The premature launch was blamed on a "bug".

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Many immediately questioned if the feature was test - perhaps a premature one - from Facebook, which has made eliminating hate speech a priority. The New York Daily News reported the internal test was posted accidentally.

In neither case did the new system offer a clickable or expandable explanation of what "hate speech" might entail.

On April 24, Facebook had released a rule book for the types of posts it allows on its social network, giving far more detail than ever before on what is permitted on subjects ranging from drug use and sex work to bullying, hate speech and inciting violence.

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Tuesday's issue happened amid the kickoff of the company's annual developer conference in San Jose, California. As it turns out, though, the feature remains in-testing and was rolled out to users by mistake. That event will start with a keynote speech at 1pm ET, which will likely include a speech from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and company announcements.