Google Assistant Will Soon Make Calls on Your Behalf (Really)


Most users interact with Google Assistant via voice and through development with WaveNet, which was announced 18 months ago, Google has added six new voices for users to choose from for their assistant.

It will be able to make a phone call on a user's behalf, hold a conversation, and book a restaurant reservation or hair appointment without you needing to even pick up the phone.

Company CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google has been working on newer and more life-like version of its spoken AI that features natural voice that is "closer to how humans speak".

"It uses artificial intelligence to bring forward the best of human intelligence - great reporting done by journalists around the globe - and will help you stay on top of what's important to you", Pichai said of overhauled Google News.

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The goal is to present all readers with all the facts, so they can draw their own conclusions, rather than reinforce filter bubbles which ensure their beliefs are never challenged. says Google's VP of News, Richard Gingras. It was reason for pause in an otherwise promising presentation - a sign that though Google can do incredible things with just the press of a button, it still has a ways to go when it comes to being the kind of responsible company it is claiming to be. Watch BusinessToday.In's video to find out what all the new Google Assistant will offer. "We want to give readers quality sources they can trust, but we also want to build a product that works for publishers".

In recent year, the issue of fake news has caught the eyes of authorities and legislatures in many countries, especially since the U. The move is tantamount to the company's focus on natural language processing (NLP), neural networks, and computer vision.

The news destination will leverage information from Newsstand, Google's digital magazine app and Youtube, and will deliver a "range of perspectives" with new features like "newscasts" and "full coverage". You don't have to tell the app anything about what you like to read, what your politics are, or what sports team you follow; Google AI already knows, and this all works automatically. If you're not, then stay with it or get out: the choice is yours.

An ML-powered Google News will capture and analyse news stories as they're published over the web and organise them into storylines.

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Google Duplex is likely years away from a commercial rollout, and it will nearly certainly look different by the time it's released to the public.

While the researchers in India and the world are brainstorming over the future use of machine learning and how it can help the humankind, AI got just another challenge ahead - how to alert people who may not know they're talking to a robot?

"This is by far the most powerful feature of the app", Upstill said, "and provides a whole new way to dig into the news". And how much of your personal data and information would Duplex access during its experimental phase? This is where users go to get the full - and here's to hoping - unbiased story.

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