Google to roll out with new feature 'Take a Break' for YouTubers


One will disable all notification sounds and vibrations in the YouTube program for a fixed amount of time. With this feature, users can set YouTube to remind them to take a break from watching videos. It is unlikely to have a large impact on most users but it is the first time a streaming app takes steps towards giving users an overview of their viewing behavior. Whether I'm catching up on Good Mythical Morning with my cereal before work or taking a break to see what's going on with 368, I often find myself glued to my phone going through everything new in my subscription feed. The new feature is now available on YouTube Android app version 13.17+ and comes in line with Google's attempt with Android P.

When you see the reminder, you can actually follow through and stop watching and go back to working or whatever more important thing you actually need to do. The user can then choose either to dismiss the reminder to continue watching or close the app. For more information you can check out the below listed image. The reminder frequency can be set for every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 180 minutes. YouTube has added a reminders option that reminds you to stop watching videos.

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At the time when companies want people to engage with their products all the time, Google gives you options to take a break and keep notifications minimum for less distraction. Notably, the setting is optional and switched off by default.

This "take a break" feature does exactly what it sounds like.

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The feature is now available to all users across the globe. Numerous users are still awaiting for this update on their phones, however many of them have got the updated YouTube and they can see the new Controls in the Settings menu. This type of updates take longer than expected and Google might have released this update in phases.

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