Here is everything you need to know about the Fitbit Versa


Fitbit Ionic or Versa owners will soon get access to two new features that the company is rolling out for these smartwatches.

As for female health tracking, the update will roll out on the Fitbit mobile app for all iOS and Windows users.

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Fitbit is not the first app to offer period tracking to women. Fitbit will predict your upcoming cycles using its "proprietary cycle algorithm that gets smarter and more accurate as they log their period".

As of this month, Fitbit users who have identified themselves as female in their profile will get notifications about female health tracking and they can opt-in to get this data. Android users will also be able to send these quick replies on third-party apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This means you can respond to app notifications using pre-populated messages or emojis, right from your wrist.

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Naturally, for this function to work, your Fitbit device will need to be synced to your smartphone via Bluetooth at the time any messages come in. Until now, Fitbit had allowed users to view only incoming texts across their devices with screens.

The five default quick replies are fairly basic responses like "yes", "no", and "sounds good", though Fitbit users will be able to customize those once the feature launches. Add that together with the fact that Fitbit already has 25.4 million active users, and there's great potential for this to have a huge impact on feminine medical research. The first Fitbit wearables were originally released in May 2013. Dexcom's app will be available in the second half of the year, while the rest of the app and clock faces that aren't available today should go live by summer 2018. With smartwatch integration, you can also swipe up on your watch to the Fitbit Today dashboard to check when your period is going to start or end along with your next fertile window. By tapping into all of the other data you log with Fitbit (such as steps, calories burned, heart-rate, etc.), women will be able to see any links between biometrics and their menstruation.

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All of your data in one place: View holistic data to reveal connections between your cycle and other stats in the Fitbit app, such as activity, sleep, and weight trends. Other apps include Diplomat Pharmacy, One Drop, Fitabase, and more.