How armed graduate protested gun policies on campus


Kaitlin Bennett, who graduated from Kent State on Sunday, combined both of those elements, the words "COME AND TAKE IT" on her cap, and added a rifle.

Kent State held its graduation ceremony this past weekend.

The point of Bennet's photo and message appeared to be that as a graduate, she has more rights to carry a gun on campus than she did as a student, . I ought to have been in a position to take action as a scholar - particularly since four unarmed college students had been shot and killed by the federal government on this campus.

Some Twitter users were upset that Kaitlin chose to take the images with the AR-10, while others supported her decision.

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It's insulting that at Kent State University, guests may protect themselves with firearms on campus, but students and staff may not. University policy bans students, staff and faculty from having a "deadly weapon" while on university grounds, the Record-Courier reported, but guests can have guns on campus. However, because she is now a graduate of the university, that rule is no longer applicable.

"What is going on, where is the other side", said Bennett, it was in that moment she decided to make a stand.

In another photo, Bennett declared, "I have no apologies for my graduation photos", citing her Second Amendment rights. "You proved exactly why people carry".

Bennett's photos provoked strong reactions from many social media users.

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Bennett, who graduated last week with a bachelor's degree in biology, responded to many, clarifying and exposing truth as she tweeted. "In handcuffs or a body bag". "As a lady, I refuse to be a sufferer & the second modification ensures that I haven't got to be". Please explain or clarify if you have the inclination. You think shooting at the National Guard would have gone well for you, tweeted another. Many have accused her of "white privilege" and enticing violence.

"The tolerant and definitely-not-racist left wing at work here, folks", Bennett replied.

Bennett called the university out on Twitter for touting their safety ranking, and wrote that her cameraman had been assaulted "for supporting the 2nd amendment".

"Dear @CNN, Trump said Haiti was a sh*thole COUNTRY", Bennett wrote.

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Bennett is the founder of Liberty Hangout at Kent University, an libertarian organization that states it promotes "peace, prosperity, and property rights since 2015". We believe in decentralization down to the individual level, and that the government which is closest to home is easiest to control.