HTC to launch blockchain phone Exodus


Blockchain is supposed to be safer than current centralized record keeping, and many are touting it as the wave of the future.

According to reports, HTC is planning to create a native blockchain network where Exodus will work as a nodal point to facilitate the trade of cryptocurrencies amongst its Exodus users.

First noticed by TheNextWeb, HTC's blockchain-powered smartphone features a universal wallet, with hardware support for cryptocurrencies and decentralised apps.

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Phil Chen, the founder of the HTC Vive VR headset, will be leading the charge to build Exodus. This isn't some small smartphone that HTC is making to be exclusive to a single carrier.

The idea is that security and transparency are increased by having a blockchain, so it's harder to commit fraud: Changing one block immediately brings up errors in the adjoining blocks, for example.

Exodus is expected in October. It's also decentralized, meaning that it's accessible by anyone and not corruptible by hackers.

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Using the blockchain theoretically allows HTC to make the Exodus more secure than regular devices. HTC might even accept cryptocurrency as payment for the phone, but the price is still to be decided. Each handset will act as a node for the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains so that every phone will increase the overall size and scope of the network.

HTC, Taiwanese tech giant, is reportedly planning to launch a blockchain-powered Android smartphone. HTC hasn't shared the sale date, but you can reserve the Exodus phone online.

The device will also feature what's supposed to be a trusted and user-friendly UI for DApps. As the company's "Decentralized Chief Officer", Chen notes users will own their "ID and data" right on the phone, instead of the cloud.

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So far, only Sirin Labs has been able to come very close to the launch of the world's first blockchain phone.