No Need To Say "Hey Google" Every time You Command Google Assistant


The Google Home's virtual assistant options will include John Legend. At its annual developer conference Google I/O, the company said these six options, which feature both male and female voices, would be rolled out later this year.

Also, a "Pretty Please" feature prevents the assistant from responding to you unless you use the magic word. But with advancements in AI and WaveNet technology from DeepMind, we can now create new voices in just a few weeks and are able to capture subtleties like pitch, pace, and all the pauses that convey meaning, so that voices are natural-sounding and unique.

John Legend is one of the new voice options for the Google Assistant. The Google Assistant is available on more than 500 million devices and will be available in more than 30 languages and 80 countries by the end of the year.

Alexa was ahead on this front before, as it has male and female versions with American, Canadian, Australian, Indian, and British accents.

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As part of the upgrade, more than 25 connected appliance models from the company's Whirlpool and Jenn-Air brands will no longer require users to state the specific brand when requesting that their Google Home complete an action. Alexa is now available in German and Japanese as well as English.

Language is incredibly complex-people ask about something as simple as the weather in over 10,000 ways (our favorite: "Will it be cats and dogs today?").

You can also now ask multiple questions on the go. Features that will make it smarter, better, feel more natural and even help your kids have better manners.

Further, the Assistant would soon be able make calls for you to make reservations at restaurants or salons.

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The Google Assistant will now keep listening for up to 8 seconds after you give it a command. FreeTime is a freemium child-friendly service that parents can load onto their Amazon Echo (or which comes pre-loaded with the Echo Dot Kids Edition).

The Google Assistant platform has some new features that are bound to get people excited.

The company also brought Assistant-powered Smart Displays.

In closing, the Google Assistant and Google Home are getting support for a lot more smart home devices. Instead, Google just unveiled a slew of cool new features coming to the Google Assistant.

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