Plane's cockpit window ripped out at 32000ft to force emergency landing


A Sichaun airlines flight made an emergency landing on Monday after one of the cockpit doors blew off.

The aircraft, an Airbus A319 with 119 passengers onboard, was on a flight from Chongqing to Lhasa in Tibet when the window cracked and disintegrated.

Pictures shared online show the co-pilot's side of the windshield gone and it emerged that he was nearly sucked out of the window by the sudden loss of pressure.

The co-pilot was cut on the face and suffered an injury to the lower back. After landing, several passengers were transported to nearby hospitals.

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The rest of the passengers resumed their trip at noon, according to statements by the airline.

"The temperature dropped abruptly to minus 20-30 degrees Celsius, and extreme cold also have caused the driver's to suffer from frostbite", said Liu. On 7 May, a JetBlue Airlines flight had to perform an emergency landing after the aircraft's windscreen shattered mid-flight, while a Lufthansa flight made an emergency call before landing in Dublin on 23 April after its cockpit windshield cracked.

The captain told Chinese media his co-pilot sustained injuries after the top half of his body dangled in mid-air. "Fortunately his seat belt was fastened". "The plane was shaking so hard I could not read the gauges", said Captain Chaunjian of the accident.

Aircraft windshields are laminated and it is possible to keep flying, albeit at lower altitudes, if a crack appears.

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Liu said he had to fly the aircraft manually because the automatic systems were not functioning.

The captain claimed he had 25 years of experience and had flown the route more than 100 times. He said he was thrown up in the air and fell during the incident.

Passenger Zhao Shihai was sleeping on the flight when the windshield dropped out, but was awakened by the violent turbulence. One passenger told the China Youth Daily that he was sleeping when the incident happened.

Footage was published showing the broken window and equipment in the cockpit, as well as oxygen masks dangling from the ceiling of the cabin.

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