Pope Francis "deeply moved" by death of British toddler


After his death, family and supporters of Alfie Evans celebrated his life in pictures and hundreds of tearful supporters of Alfie Evans and his family gathered at a park near Alder Hey Children's Hospital to release balloons to honor the little boy after his death.

In the video above, Sara Gonzales reveals some little known facts about the Texas Advance Directives Act of 1999, a statute that gives heath care faculties the authority to refuse care to a patient for any reason they choose, even if the patient is fully conscious, cognizant, and literally begging for their life.

Evans and James' son was born healthy in May 2016 but after missing a number of developmental milestones, Alfie's parents knew something was wrong.

Tom, 21, wrote: "My gladiator lay down his shield and gained his wings at 02:30. absolutely heartbroken".

Little Alfie had been in a semi-vegetative state for more than a year and scans of his brain had shown that nearly all of it had been destroyed.

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And now the pain bears heavy. They took on a legal battle for their little son against the hospital. Justice Hayden ruled that Alfie's family would not be able to fly him to Italy for treatment and appeared to say that this was the final decision related to his case. They lost all legal challenges to the court ruling allowing the hospital to withdraw ventilation.

Although Italian officials earlier this week granted Alfie citizenship and a Vatican-linked hospital offered to take the toddler for further diagnosis and treatment, United Kingdom courts repeatedly refused to allow the transfer, ruling that it is not in the child's best interest.

One family member said Tom was "blowing and blowing and blowing" but despite his efforts, the 23-month-old tragically passed away in his parents' arms. But with Alfie, millions of people around the world suddenly rallied behind a little brain-damaged boy in a coma.

A lawyer for Alfie Evans' mother Kate James told three Court of Appeal judges that James hoped the courts would "invite the hospital to take the appropriate steps".

Bambino Gesu hospital in Rome offered to treat Alfie and he was granted Italian citizenship to expedite his transport to Italy.

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Tensions between the toddler's parents and the hospital had eased in recent days. In the case of Alfie Evans, it suddenly became clear that there are real and horrifying consequences to the state obtaining the power to decide what is best for your children-his parents did not even have the right to take him to a different hospital. 'Abuse of NHS staff or others whose role is to protect and care for others should not be tolerated'.

However, many defended the police and the NHS.

A candlelit ceremony was held in support of the youngster outside the British embassy in Poland and St Peter's Square outside the Vatican. The hospital said Alfie remained had unresponsive to every available treatment.

In July a year ago, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted offering help to a critically ill, 10-month old British baby called Charlie Gard, whose parents were eager for him to be moved to the U.S.to take part in a therapy trial for a rare, life-limiting genetic disorder. This is nothing short of a breakthrough in empathy, and a recognition that the eugenic abortion mindset ignores the fact that lovely little babies like Alfie can be loved and enrich the lives of many, too. The Liverpool-based hospital abided by the court's orders and did not restore life support, despite the parents' pleas.

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