Sleeping In On Weekends Might Help You Live Longer


Now, a new study suggests a solution: You can actually "catch up" on the health benefits of sleep you missed during the week over the weekend.

Your pets may be pestering you to get up and feed them, and your spouse may want you to get started on that honey-do list, but tell them you're sleeping in this weekend.

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Also, the point of the study done in Sweden is to point out that it is possible to make up for a sleep deficit, not to lay out the most ideal way to do it.

Researchers from the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University examined over 38,000 people from 1997 to 2010. Scientists have found out that people under the age of 65 who sleep for five or less hours a day are at an increased risk of premature death compared to those who sleep six or seven hours per day.

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Interestingly, people who slept too much, regularly hitting the hay for eight hours or longer a night, also had a worse mortality rate.

The findings are based on almost 44,000 people in Sweden over a 13-year period. The results show that among people sleeping 5 hours a day, there is a 65% higher mortality rate. "If you can function on what you get, you are likely getting the right amount of sleep", Åkerstedt noted. The take home point is that possibly, long weekend sleep may compensate for short weekday sleep. Whether that's going to bed at 8 on a Friday night, sleeping in till 11 on a Saturday morning, or snoozing in the subway on your way to meet friends, do it. Grab that sleep by the horns and don't let go - you may just live longer for it.

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He thinks a lot of people may relate to sleeping less during the week and, at the very least, may want to have an excuse for sleeping in on their days off.