The US Justice Department and FBI are reportedly investigating Cambridge Analytica


It is also thought that deanonymizing the data for numerous victims would be fairly easy given the wide range of information collected by the app and tied to unique user IDs.

San Francisco: A data set of over 3 million Facebook users collected via a personality app was available to download freely for anyone for nearly four years, New Scientist reported.

According to the report, while most tweets are public, Twitter charges companies and organisations to collect them en masse.

The Home Depot (HD) Holdings Increased by Brighton Jones LLC
The company has a market capitalization of $222.23 billion, a P/E ratio of 25.55, a PEG ratio of 1.53 and a beta of 1.14. This number is based on a 1 to 5 scale where 1 indicates a Strong Buy recommendation while 5 represents a Strong Sell.

Remember Cambridge Analytica? Well, the data firm that shut down recently is back.

The investigation was launched after revelations that political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica hijacked data on some 87 million Facebook users as it worked on Mr Donald Trump's 2016 campaign. From researchers at universities to people at companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo - everyone had fun with your data and all the intimate answers entered in the quiz. Users that may have been exposed will be notified, as was the case when the Cambridge Analytica case broke. The U.K. Commissioner's Office has ordered the company to release all personal information and data it has on an American voting, which could open the floodgates for millions of USA voters to request their data back from the firm, according to The Guardian.

Kogan told the House of Commons Digital, Culture, last week that his company, GSR, was created in 2014 purely to create datasets for the group of Cambridge Analytica.

Afghan security forces, 8 Taliban militants killed in Afghanistan clashes
Radmanish, scores of militants have also joined the Taliban from the other parts of the country and the neighboring provinces. However, another official said that "the Taliban captured several security checkpoints inside and around the city".

More than 6 million people completed the tests on the myPersonality app and almost half agreed to share data from their Facebook profiles with the project.

Mark Zuckerberg will no appear in the UK Parliament despite arrest threats being produced over data privacy breaches. Facebook has so far suspended 200 apps that could be involved in data harvesting in this manner.

Facebook has since suspended the app. Those investigators are examining a range of allegations, including whether Cambridge Analytica employees sought to bribe foreign officials, destroyed evidence, hacked computers, and violated Britain's Data Protection Act.

Seattle Council to vote Monday on controversial head tax
Some opponents of the measure called for greater accountability on how funds addressing homelessness are spent. A year ago 169 homeless people died in the city where winter temperatures can fall to minus 7 degrees.