Tulsa police arrest mom after child stabbed, Amber Alert issued


Ahmad is described as a black female with curly black hair with gold streaks in it. An Amber Alert was issued, and fortunately, the girl was found safe, and the mother was arrested. MacKenzie tells the Tulsa World that when authorities arrived, they found an 11-year-old girl in critical condition with stab wounds and the house on fire. She was unconscious while being treated in the hospital, and underwent intubation to help administer medication.

Police arrived at the house 39-year-old Tahirah Ahmad (Taheerah Ahmad), which is located in the North Tulsa, Oklahoma Monday evening after witnesses reported the incident.

One of Ahmad's kids a 9-year-old escaped to a relative's house and recounted the gruesome details to police.

Sometime after the two children were able to escape, Ahmad is believed to have snatched her 7-year-old daughter and fled the scene.

Police in Oklahoma are searching for a woman who allegedly torched her home and stabbed her 11-year-old daughter on Monday before taking off with her 7-year-old daughter.

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Hafsa Hayle, 7, went missing after her mother allegedly tied her and her older sisters up.

The 9-year-old child told police the girls' mother had duct taped their hands and stuffed their mouths with socks before stabbing her sister.

Police said there was no history of child abuse in the household. However, she said there "have been some issues talked about within the family".

During the investigation, one of Ahmad's daughters told investigators that her mother held them "hostage" for the past week without food or water.

Police aren't sure where Ahmad may be headed.

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Wilson and Brazendeh were heading to lunch and discussing the Amber Alert case when they spotted Hafsa inside the vehicle.

Wilson explained that Hafsa looked like she was alone. "I asked myself, 'Who leaves a child alone in downtown Tulsa?" "I had to call the police".

"The way she carried herself and the way she was with her children". Ahmad was sleeping in the backseat of the auto. "I don't know what kind of problems she was having or whatever, but it had to be a problem that made her react that way", he said.

The police spokesperson said Ahmad may be suffering from mental health and/or drug-related issues.

He said the three children would be placed in the custody of the Department of Human Services. The aunt also notified police, which prompted a manhunt.

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