Utica school board election comes down to one vote


School Board member Phillip Lewis agreed.

There were also six write-in votes for the Board of Education, each for different individuals, the release states.

There will be at least one significant change on the school board itself.

Donald Ashkenase was reelected Board of Ed trustee.

In Penfield, voters are looking at a proposed budget of about $98 million, with two propositions on the ballot.

District residents approved the 2018-19 school budget by a vote of 213 to 50. Administrators foresee rotating students in and out of the PALs program as necessary, utilizing a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, a social worker, two teachers and six Ed Techs to staff the program.

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If the unofficial results confirm the above figures, LaPolla and Dawes will each win a five-year seat. But Susan Binder has opted not to seek re-election. "We have no business closing any schools right now, but especially a school with some of the highest numbers of low SES (socio-economic status) and minority students in the district".

In total, not including Bjorn's donation and some other miscellaneous funds, the budget would be funded by roughly $13.3 million from local town assessments and $21 million from the state allocation, an increase of $750,000. However, she echoed the suggestion made by others during the public hearing to put the school budget before voters and let them decide if the tax increase is too high.

Ashkenase, who now serves as vice president of the board, was elected to his 13th term and Berkowitz, who has been president of the board since 2006, was elected to her ninth term.

Ms. Diener is the only candidate who is not a newcomer.

"We've heard loud and clear all of your thoughts", said board president Ralph Johanson.

The vote to approve the decision came on the heels of the district's final budget adoption for the 2018-2019 school year.

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Proposition #2, for the library budget, passed with 1,709 Yes votes and 456 No votes.

The board will also vote Monday whether to accept a $280,000 bid from Horizon Construction Group Inc. of Sandy Lake to fix the high school retaining wall.

Voters also re-elected three Board members, including Kathryn Zajicek, Ronald Beck and Susanne Fitzgerald. School Board member Elizabeth Pucci will not be running for reelection.

Voting on the Shelter Island School District's $11.7 million budget takes place tomorrow.

The candidates in the remaining districts will have an easier run.

He said it's important to look at the long-term best interests of the district when setting the budget. Polls are open into the evening in all districts from Montauk to Bridgehampton. Voters were asked to adopt a $27.4 million budget, which was an increase of about $1 million from the 2017-2018 budget.

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Also included would be a clause that states If the Inter-local Board does not pass a budget, funding levels would revert back to the previous year's budget.

"This sort of policy is the opposite of transparency and makes the public question the MMSD Board and their motives", she said.

New Vineyard - 1 p.m.to 7 p.m.

Stephenson has been the Board's student representative for two years. "I realized as hard as I worked it's nothing like I will have to do this next three years". The budget represents a 3.3 percent increase over the current budget of $33,844,929. Ronald White, Lillian Tyree-Johnson and Douglass DeGroot are all seeking to continue serving on the Bridgehampton School Board.

South Huntington's budget of $170,505,675 passed.

Unless a four year, $400,000 a year opt-out, or $1.6 million can be raised through additional property taxes.

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