E3 2018: EA Announces Sea Of Solitude With A Haunting Trailer


EA at their EA Play conference at E3 2018, announced Sea Of Solitude as part of their EA Originals indie project. Kay is among the denizens of a world in which extended periods of loneliness cause them to transform into monsters, and she'll need to find a sea of creatures like her to change back. However, things can certainly get dark: red-eyed monsters and grabbing hands linger beneath the surface, and monsters in the sky prove that the sea doesn't harbor the only threats in this world. This time it comes with a co-op mode, though players will be able to play it in solo mode. Cornelia Geppert, the game's lead writer and director, took to the stage to explain a little bit more about what you can expect, and brought along some new footage of it all in action. It's her quest to discover what happened to herself, as she encounters other monsters on a small boat through a partly submerged city.

Triple Crown victor Justify
The colt named for New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski brings a four-race winning streak into his US debut. The Kentucky Derby prize money now totals roughly $2 million, with $1.24 million for the victor .

Sea of Solitude will release early next year. More information is sure to come as the game finally approaches its expected release date of early 2019.

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