From pancakes to patties: IHOP now the International House of Burgers


Last week, the company announced it was changing the "P" in IHOP to a "B".

The answer to the question "what does the "B" stand for?" was revealed on Monday morning - burgers.

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IHOP - the International House of Pancakes - is changing its name to IHOb and will now feature burgers, the company said in a tweet that was not posted on April Fool's Day.

The change is actually to celebrate the restaurant's new line of burgers.

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With the 8:30 a.m. announcement, Twitter let out a collective "What?!" The pancake house is now selling what it calls "Ultimate Steakburgers" - a menu item so monumental, it seems, that it warranted a name change "for the time being", the company said in a statement.

The restaurant "formerly" known as the International House of Pancakes is rolling out all-natural, 100 percent USDA choice, black angus steakburgers for a limited time in seven different varieties on June 11. Among the burgers now available are Big Brunch, Cowboy BBQ, Mushroom Swiss, Jalapeno Kick and Mega Monster. The brand now has more than 1,700 franchised restaurants around the world.

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Burgers was a popular one.