'Modern Family' creator joins Judd Apatow, Seth MacFarlane in condemning Fox News


Between Seth MacFarlane, Judd Apatow and Paul Feig, numerous top male talents at 20th Century Fox's television and film branches are criticizing the company over its Fox News arm.

Seth MacFarlane said he is "embarrassed" to work for Fox News's parent company, and it turns out a lot of his Hollywood peers are too.

Levitan, who serves as executive producer of the hit sitcom, said on Twitter that he would see "Modern Family" through to the end and then set up shop elsewhere.

"Modern Family" airs on ABC but is produced by 21st Century Fox.

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Seth MacFarlane tweeted outrage over the weekend about Tucker Carlson's comments on Fox News that viewers should assume other big news stations are lying.

Feig wrote on Twitter that while he loved those working in the movie and TV divisions of Fox, "I too can not condone the support their news division promotes toward the immoral and abusive policies and actions taken by this current administration toward immigrant children".

Levitan, 56, pointed to comments by host Laura Ingraham that child-detention centers were "essentially summer camps". Who has a movie, TV show, sporting event, news show at Fox?

As his tweet on Saturday decried the idea to "just blindly obey Fox News", MacFarlane has donated $2 million to NPR and $500,000 to Los Angeles' NPR membership station, KPCC, the top news distribution for NPR content in California.

If Rick's about to die in season 9, either of these would make sense as a storytelling device to bring his journey full circle. He also now stars in the Marvel-Netflix series " The Punisher ", a role he originated in Season 2 of " Daredevil ".

"In other words, don't think critically, don't consult multiple news sources, and in general, don't use your brain", he wrote. "This bulls-t is the opposite of what #ModernFamily stands for", he tweeted on Monday night.

Apatow has called on "employees of all of Fox" to "speak up". Variety just shared a statement provided by his agent, UTA's Jay Sures: "I have great respect and admiration for Dana Walden, Gary Newman, Peter Rice, and everyone at 20th Century Fox Studios who have all treated me so well for nearly 2 decades".

Conservative commentators on Fox News have spoken in support of the policy.

"I have made two films for 20th Century Fox and love the people in the movie and TV divisions", Feig tweeted on Tuesday. "How can you remain silent when they promote these policies?"

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