Release date, trailer and details


While we haven't heard specifics on gameplay, Starfield looks set to follow in the same vein, albeit in a more galactic setting. The game will take place in Paris as the girls hunt for their father, who has gone missing.

Despite this, many remain hopeful, as Bethesda have built on settlement creation tools and added more crafting options. Are you more excited for the next Elder Scrolls game?

Elder Scrolls Blades will be released this fall, and the mobile version will be free to download.

Abyss pits players against a neverending, procedurally-generated dungeon, while Arena is the game's PvP mode.

A new Elder Scrolls game was also teased at the showcase. Like TES6, the game was shown in the form of a very brief teaser with no other information beyond the title.

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We only have a very short trailer to gather details from but the coastline and rocky, broken terrain suggests High Rock or Hammerfell, regions close to Skyrim within the Elder Scroll's world.

Speaking of abilities, we do know a few of the features that will be available with The Elder Scrolls: Blades.

Among the many announcements made at Bethesda's E3 presentation was news about more DLC content packs for Elder Scrolls Online. Like Fallout Shelter before it, Blades is a renewed exploration into the power of handheld devices, and their inter-connectivity with other hardware, such as VR. While Howard didn't say if there would be an online component or not, it sounds like it wouldn't play a major factor in the main focus of the game anyway.

Bethesda's card game will receive a visual update as well as releases on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Titled "Mooncrash", the expansion is set on the moon where you play as a hacker named Peter. Starfield would be Bethesda's first all-new franchise in 25 years. The sixth player takes on the role of Morgan Yu and has to hunt down and kill the mimics. That particular product is actually real, and it's playable on Amazon Echo devices and mobile phones.

During the press conference, Bethesda announced a collector's edition for RAGE 2 called the Ruckus Edition, which comes with an expected steelbook case but, most importantly, a wall-mounted talking head of the character Ruckus the Crusher.

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Starfield is going to be huge for Bethesda.

The website continues: "The B.E.T.A. will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and on PC (via".

After years of speculation, Bethesda finally announced its new IP Starfield on Sunday.

Of the two, Starfield is apparently further along in development, according to Game Director Todd Howard, but both are in the early stages of production.

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