The infamous Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un impersonators return


The self-proclaimed master dealmaker is facing doubts from multiple corners as he prepares to negotiate with Kim Jong Un.

Balakrishnan, who said Singapore was "happy to play [its] part for world peace", will be hoping local authorities will not have to deal with many more such ugly scenes in days to come.

There are worries from some quarters about Kim's intentions and his willingness to actually follow through on any commitment he might make in Singapore.

President Trump cited the unprecedented nature of the meeting and said he was convinced that Kim wants to do good things for his country. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

First the nuts and bolts: How do you protect what many North Koreans consider their single most precious resource, the third member of the Kim family to rule and a direct descendant of North Korea's worshipped founder Kim Il Sung?

While Trump's allies have called his unpredictability a negotiating strength that keeps his opponents off balance, some White House aides have expressed concern that the president will not heed talking points in his briefing materials.

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A Chinese private jet that discreetly landed in North Korea has departed Sunday en route to Singapore about an hour after its arrival in the communist state, a flight route-tracking website showed.

Under an agreement signed in October 1994 with the Clinton administration and dubbed the Agreed Framework, the North agreed to freeze and eventually dismantle existing nuclear plants, which could easily produce plutonium but which Pyongyang said were meant to produce electricity.

Not only is there a lot at stake politically, for lawyer Mr Kim, it's also personal. I think they are starting to be committed to a much more fair trade situation for the United States, because it has been treated very, very unfairly....

President Trump has spent the past week tamping down expectations, calling it a "get acquainted meeting, plus", and saying "it's a process".

For the first time, a sitting U.S. President will meet the North Korean Chairman.

Kim's chief of staff was spotted in Beijing last week after wrapping up talks with US officials in Singapore which had included security discussions. At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea earlier this year, police dragged him out of an arena after he danced in front of North Korea's cheering squad.

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Mr Trump already has two big wins to show his domestic audience - he welcomed home three USA detainees on their release from North Korea and can show them Pyongyang's destruction of its only nuclear test site.

North Korea's secrecy would make it hard to end its nuclear program quickly, said Robert Einhorn, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Sporadic provocations by the North have continued while Pyongyang has made increasing advances in its nuclear arsenal, which it says it needs to defend against the risk of a USA invasion. (South Korea Presidential Blue House/Yonhap via AP) Kristof credits the South Korean president for deftly handling both sides.

The Capella Hotel, where the president and North Korean leader are scheduled to meet, has been closed in preparation for the summit since Friday. The level of concern is higher, though, in Japan, another US treaty ally in Asia with much at stake.

Trump and Kim could announce an agreement on a peace treaty, something that was mentioned in a then-landmark 2005 nuclear deal that later fell apart.

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