Intelligence chief says he meant no disrespect to Trump


The nation's intelligence chief was informed during a live interview on Thursday that President Donald Trump is working to bring Russian President Vladimir Putin to Washington this fall.

"I saw the screaming headline on cable TV that there is malaise in the West Wing and I look forward to meeting her", quipped presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway.

He said he misspoke when he said be didn't believe Russian Federation was behind any cyber attack, only to backtrack again by saying it "could be other people also" who interfered with the election, CNN reports. "Montenegro is a tiny country with very strong people". It found its voice today, and what came out was less a battle cry than a chorus of "Kumbaya".

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It's unlikely that Montenegro will cause World War III, though not impossible.

The former secretary of state also hit Trump for attempting to work with Putin, saying that "anybody that believes in freedom gets along with [Putin]".

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In a statement issued Saturday, Coats said, "My admittedly awkward response was in no way meant to be disrespectful or criticize the actions of the President". They were discussing NATO's mutual defense pact.

Carlson pressed Trump on the goal of the alliance, which was originally created to prevent the Russians from invading western Europe and calls for member nations to come to the aid of any ally that is attacked. As a former KGB spy, he is quite adept at reading people and knowing how to manipulate them'. "They may get aggressive, and congratulations you're in World War III".

The comment was not the first time that Trump had taken notice of Montenegro in a way that attracted oversized attention.

Back then, Markovic refused to make a fuss over the American president's manners.

Montenegro's statement respectfully but firmly negated Trump's claims. "We see that there are powers inside the United States that are easily prepared to sacrifice Russian-American relations for their own ambitions in the internal political fight in America".

Trump's views have some basis in history.

Concern in White House over intelligence chief's Russian summit surprise
Trump and Putin discussed, and what agreement or agreements they reached, has been the topic of much discussion and confusion . Trump later made clear he supported the US intelligence community's findings about Russian meddling.

In response, many noted that the example of Montenegro deserves scrutiny, given that Russian Federation was vocally opposed (though not without reason) to the country joining NATO-which it only did in 2016. We don't know what was said in the room with just the two of them'. It used to be part of Yugoslavia back when Yugoslavia was a thing, and for a short while they shared a football team with Serbia. "That's my foreign policy experience", said Ron Kaufman, a longtime RNC committeeman from MA and former political director for President George H.W. Bush. Moscow maintains close relationships with Montenegro's neighbor Serbia and Moscow has sought to maintain its influence in the region.

The congressman also dismissed a recent Washington Post report that officials are "purging" employees at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs who are deemed disloyal to the president and his policies on veterans. ME is six times as big as Montenegro and has had a partnership with the country since 2006.

But Mr Coats' display of surprise upon learning that Mr Trump had invited Mr Putin to Washington this autumn for a follow-on meeting drew the president's ire.

"People who care about any of these issues, it is the most important act you can take to try to bring us back into an effort to have a more ideal union", she said. It means that an attack on one is an attack on all. The Kremlin denies the allegations and says North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the European Union are trying to encircle Russian Federation by expanding into its Cold War stomping grounds. Given the recent tensions, some Montenegrin observers anxious Trump's comments might need to be taken seriously.

He said at the United Nations he was "happy that the two leaders of two very important countries are continuing to meet".

Inside Trump's isolated days amid Russian Federation fallout
Coats once again criticized the president's statement in Helsinki as inconsistent with what multiple agencies have assessed. Another official said aides thought a proper procedure had been put in place for Helsinki, but it did not work out.