Trump says committed to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as allies agree to boost defense spending


It was a surprising statement after two days during which Trump's "America first" foreign policy approach had presented a significant challenge for the organization.

"President Trump created for the second day a crisis on [NATO] spending".

Trump told reporters that allies had agreed to meet defense spending figures faster than previously planned, and said that financial commitments would increase in the future.

"Now we have to rebuild that democracy and strengthen it. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is going to take a significant role in that, and Canada is going to commit 250 troops, a number of helicopters, and we are actually offering to command that mission for the first year", Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced at the summit.

"That's other people that do that", Trump replied.

Freeland also went out of her way not to overstate the newfound simpatico with the Trump administration on this one issue, saying Canada has imposed sanctions on Russian Federation "in close collaboration with our European and USA allies". "He does not see the value, and does not recognize that the USA also benefits from it".

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Trump said the best was for the European allies to spend money on defence was to buy U.S. military equipment. Now, eight members are meeting the benchmark, and a majority are on track to reach that goal by 2024.

The U.S. President was also asked if he would be prepared to recognise Crimea as part of Russian Federation after it was annexed from Ukraine by Moscow in 2014.

He complained the United States "pays tens of Billions of Dollars too much to subsidize Europe" and demanded that member nations meet their pledge to spend 2 percent of GDP on defense, which "must ultimately go to 4%!"

Duda said he would be "shocked" if Trump made any move would decrease the region's security. Trump tweeted this morning before the second day of talks.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday told CNN that the organisation's member countries have committed to defence spending at two percent of GDP, but would not confirm US President Donald Trump's claim that the target was actually four percent.

"There is a communique that was published yesterday. It's very detailed", Macron said, according to the Associated Press.

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Radev said that, on the other hand, Trump was right, because each country should make a contribution, in a world of growing threats, and build effective capabilities.

"President Trump wants to see our allies share more of the burden and at a very minimum meet their already stated obligations,"said Sanders".

"Remember the word '$33 billion more' they're paying", Trump said in his closing appearance.

Asked about his criticism on Germany, and specifically regarding the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russian Federation, he said that Berlin had increased very substantially its commitments, that he had a very good relationship with Chancellor Angela Merkel, and hinted that the gas pipeline shouldn't be an issue if relations with Russian Federation improve. "Everybody in that room got along and they agreed to pay more and they agreed to pay it more quickly".

So many news talking heads noted Kelly's behavior, two seats away from Trump at the table, that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders felt the need to explain.

Asked if he would change his tune and tweet something else as he headed to England aboard Air Force One, Trump said, "that's other people that do that". "I made the point for Germany that we know we have to do more". "I'm very consistent. I'm a very stable genius".

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