Amazon Alexa introduces ‘Answer Update’ feature for those unknown answers


With an extremely large percentage of Amazon Alexa users not making full use of the platforms shopping functionality, this is likely something that the company will be aiming to address. But it doesn't appear to be working, according to a report in the Information on Monday.

Launched in 2014 assistant Alexa Amazon has over 45,000 skills through a set of functions to Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), and the developers are constantly expanding the list, developing abilities and skills Alexa.

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Interestingly, the prompt will trigger only when users ask Alexa a factual question it didn't have an answer to previously. Thus drivers will have access to many features that are easily activated through simple voice commands, reports the with reference to Аutogeek.

This makes the findings are quite interesting, as it potentially shows that consumers might be embracing smart speaker technology, but still want to physically view or inspect an item before they go forward with a purchase. To enable it, say "Alexa, enable answer updates". Factor in the inability of a smart speaker to actually let users see the product in question or quickly browse through reviews, or the mechanics of switching between shipping and payment options, and ordering via voice suddenly doesn't sound all that great when users' money is on the line. The report also revealed that a higher percentage of Alexa-enabled device owners - about 20% - use the assistant to check in on online orders that they probably made on their phones or computers. It does not matter whether you are managing your personal schedule, listen to music, navigate a route to the destination, reading the news or looking for nearest service center Seat. The feature will be rolling out to Alexa-enabled devices over the course of this week, and users will be able to say "Alexa, turn on Answer Updates" in order to enable it.

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So what could be holding Amazon's potentially-lucrative Alexa sales back? Unfortunately for Amazon, nobody really uses that feature.

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