Country rejects 'irresponsible' Pentagon report on bombers


Chinese bombers are likely training for strikes against U.S. and allied targets in the Pacific, according to a new Pentagon report that also details how Beijing is transforming its ground forces to "fight and win".

The U.S. military has decades of Cold War experience dealing with the sort of challenges that China might pose, Glosserman said.

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson also said in a statement that the United States should stop issuing what it calls irresponsible reports and take actual steps to develop relations between the 2 countries' militaries.

The report, which comes as the US and China spar over trade negotiations, said China increased its global defense spending to more than $190 billion in 2017, according to Reuters. China has reclaimed 3,200 of acres of land in the Spratly Island chain and militarized them with ports, runways and other military infrastructure.

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"China's development of national defense aims to safeguard its national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, which is the lawful rights for a sovereign state to exercise". It also says China is pursuing a nuclear capability on its long-range bombers, saying the Chinese Air Force "has been re-assigned a nuclear mission".

China's peaceful construction activities on the islands and reefs in the South China Sea, which are legitimate rights of a sovereign state, aim at safeguarding national territory and meeting demand of the people, so as to better fulfill its worldwide responsibilities and obligations, the spokesperson said.

The statement asks Washington to abandon its "Cold War mentality" and defends the "Chinese military's reform, weapons development and defensive capabilities in the internet space" as "just and reasonable".

To the ire of regional neighbors, China has built a series of islets and ocean features into military facilities in the South China Sea. It also added that "China's military expresses resolute opposition to this and has lodged stern representations with the USA side".

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Lu urged the United States to stop spreading irresponsible reports like this one and to make concrete efforts to maintain the steady growth of relations between the two countries and their armed forces.

China's Global Times newspaper on Sunday quoted a Chinese military official who said the Pentagon report misinterpreted China's strategic intention and hyped up the "China military threat".

In January the Pentagon put countering Beijing, along with Russian Federation, at the center of a new national defense strategy.

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