Giant Rogue Planet Wandering Outside Our Solar System Has Been Discovered


Researchers are working to explain the presence of a mysterious large object floating outside the solar system that may be a rogue planet, RT reported.

They're calling it a "rogue" planet because it appears to be travelling through space without any kind of orbit around a parent star.

Brown dwarfs, objects that are two massive be considered planets but not massive enough to sustain nuclear fusion in their cores, were first predicted in the 1960s and detected for the first time in 1995. Hoverer, the new object generates a magnetic field 200 times a powerful as Jupiter's.

Scientists have made the first radio-telescope detection of a huge free-floating planet beyond our solar system, a new study said.

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Though it was first detected in 2016, scientists initially identified it as one of five recently discovered brown dwarfs. They originally were thought to not emit radio waves, but in 2001 a VLA discovery of radio flaring in one revealed strong magnetic activity. Whether it is a massive exoplanet or a brown dwarf is not yet clear.

Both its mass and the enormous strength of its magnetic field, which is more than 200 times stronger than Jupiter's, challenge what scientists know about the variety of astronomical objects found in the depths of space.

Auroras on Earth are created when charged particles from the Sun interact with Earth's magnetic field.

"This particular object is exciting because studying its magnetic dynamo mechanisms can give us new insights on how the same type of mechanisms can operate in extrasolar planets - planets beyond our Solar System", Kao said.

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However, recent VLA observations have uncovered that SIMP J01365663+0933473 is too lightweight to be a brown dwarf.

Zeroing in on this new find could lead to new techniques being developed to help search for alien worlds.

Despite its weight, the newly discovered planet has a radius only 1.2 times that of Jupiter, the study said. It's an absolutely massive alien world that is almost big enough to be classified as a brown dwarf. Latest measurements have established that the exoplanet has a surface temperature of 825 degrees Celsius (around 1517 degrees Fahrenheit), shows the International Business Times.

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is a facility of the National Science Foundation, operated under cooperative agreement by Associated Universities, Inc.

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