God of War New Game Plus Gets Release Date


Sony's Santa Monica Studio announced today a release date for God of War's New Game+ mode that'll allow players to replay the game's story once again will all your earned loot in tow. Most previous God of War games had some form of New Game+, but the new PS4 game has lacked the feature.

When you begin a God of War New Game Plus file, you will be able to choose your difficulty level.

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It sounds like New Game Plus should be a pretty challenging mode, especially for those who decide to play through it on one of the game's harder difficulties (just imagine how tough the Valkyries are going to be). However, you will need to have completed the game first on any mode before you are able to do so. The mode will be accessible beginning August 20 with the newfound choice to skip cinematics and carry over your existing armor sets, enchantments, talismans, resources, and abilities.

More specifically, the update holding New Game Plus will launch on August 20. The update also allows players to skip cutscenes once they've played through the game.

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Test your skills against higher level enemies; some of which might even have a few new tricks up their sleeves! Collect "Skap Slag", a new resource to upgrade your gear to the best of the best from our finest blacksmiths. Are you planning on playing through New Game Plus in God of War? Make sure to play around with the new armors and enchantments, as well, to explore the new customization options.

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